About Us

Inventors and visionaries, the scientists behind the innovation at CLR (“Clear”) Medical are inspired to act by the possibilities of a better tomorrow. For more than a decade, the team has brought evidence-based solutions to market to elevate the practice of medicine in meaningful ways.

Motivated by a call from the U.S. Department of Defense for a solution to the vexing problem of retained blood in the pleural space after chest trauma (retained hemothorax), the team has brought forth its latest contribution to medicine – the CLR Irrigator.

Designed in close collaboration with trauma surgeons, the CLR Irrigator facilitates the proven practice of thoracic irrigation through indwelling thoracic catheters. Thoracic irrigation with CLR is simple, safe, and seamless, giving patients the best possible outcomes while reducing both the financial burden and extended length of stay resulting from retained hemothorax. With benefits like these, it’s no surprise that CLR-facilitated thoracic irrigation is becoming part of standard hemothorax care at hospitals across the United States.


Who We Are

Gregory Hiemenz, Ph.D., President

Self-described as an “engineer first,” Gregory Hiemenz, Ph.D., understands how to build a start-up from the ground up and how to create value early on. He has over a decade of experience in leading the development of medical device products, inspiring cross-functional teams, and growing businesses. At the core of Dr. Hiemenz’s approach to bringing a new product to market is the voice of the customer. He understands that product design for busy physicians and surgeons isn’t about selling a shiny, newfangled widget – it’s about solving for a genuine need and tangibly improving patient outcomes. Not your typical CEO, Dr. Hiemenz leads innovation with his sleeves rolled up and “lots of ideas on the cutting room floor.”

Amit Shah, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Amit Shah, M.D. is an experienced emergency physician and medical device entrepreneur. With a diverse background in the practice of emergency medicine, device R&D, clinical research, FDA interactions, investment, and facility adoption, Dr. Shah has played a pivotal role in bringing multiple successful trauma care products to market. Dr. Shah values working with physicians and surgeons across the country to simplify the delivery of the highest quality care. With CLR, Dr. Shah sits at the intersection of a sizeable problem (retained hemothorax); evidence based medicine (thoracic irrigation); and an elegant device solution that enables that evidence based practice (CLR).

Miranda Miller, BSN, RN, Clinical Educator

No stranger to the ER or ICU, Miranda Miller has largely spent her career at the bedside, taking care of patients at hospitals across the U.S. And, as the former Director of Field Operations for a company focused on safe medication dosing, Miranda brings to bear extensive experience with provider education and developing hospital relationships. Miranda knows first-hand the importance of nursing’s role in the trauma bay, OR & ICU and the value of evidence-based care protocols in optimizing patient outcomes. Her combined experience makes Miranda essential to the CLR team’s mission to facilitate the highest quality care at hospitals across the U.S.